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Strawberry Season is short.  It  usually begins Mid-June and lasts 2weeks.

2022 Hours: 
8am-8pm Daily 
(Closed Sundays)


For the 2022 Strawberry Season, we will make it our priority to increase the availability of pre-picked strawberries.  We are planning to add pre-picked strawberries to our online store. 

Call or text ahead to ensure your berries are ready when you arrive.

763-843-5792 or


Strawberries are sold fresh from the farm and on Thursdays at the Maple Grove Farmers market.  This year we are planning on having plenty of strawberries to be open daily 8am-8pm (closed Sundays). 


We have 1 acre of strawberries dedicated to our prepicked orders.  We have hired many enthusiastic youth to help fill orders!    


At the farm we have u-pick season which typically lasts for 2 weeks beginning mid-June.  Pre-picked strawberries are also available for pick up at the farm, please call ahead to ensure your order is ready when you arrive. 

Farmers markets are another convenient location to purchase our strawberries.  We are planning on attending at the Maple Grove Farmers Market on Thursdays in June from 3:00-7:00.

  • * Farmers markets dates to be determined






includes picking flat.

Pre-picked 1 quart

$6.00/per quart at the farm

*Farmers Market prices vary

Pre-picked 10# flat

$48.00 per 10# flat

*Farmers Market prices vary

Social media sites are updated daily during the season for hours or picking conditions. (Please note- there is a false Facebook profile in our name and our photos, we will never ask for your personal information).

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Nowthen Berries, LLC (@nowthenberries)

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